How do I measure my self for a belt?


You must measure yourself over your Elvis costume when you are wearing it, otherwise there is a chance the belt will not fit correctly when you receive it.


On Request, a measuring guide belt can be sent out to you if you reside in the UK. This will need returning to the return address provided, for which you will cover the postage costs (£2.00 approx)


Macrame Belts will need to be measured over your elvis costume also.

How much will belt postage cost?


You must select the correct postage option from the drop down menu and this will automatically calculate the postage required. If this is not done correctly then there will be a delay in processing your order whilst we send you another seperate invoice for the postage.


UK postage is free.


Once your belt has been made to your specifications (2-3 days) you can expect the below delivery times and costs.


Depending on which belt you order and which country you reside in, most of the concert belts fall into the below pastage brackets:


Europe - European Express 1-2 days (Signed for, Recorded) = £22.00

USA - Fedex Express 1-3 days (Signed for, Recorded) = £28.00

Rest of the World - Fedex or UPS (Recorded, Signed for) = £28.00 ***

Chile, Brazil and China (Fedex Tracked = £50.00


Some of the above options do not include insurance, if you require insurance on your delivery then the total price for postage will cost more. Please contact me if you wish to add insurance.

What should I do if my belt does not fit?


If you receive your belt and it does not fit correctly, you must provide me with the reason behind your belt not fitting, if the incorrect size has been made/received (different from the size you provided when completing your purchase) then I will request that you send the belt back to the address I will provide and a new belt will be provided at no extra cost to yourself.


However, If the belt you receive is the size you requested when completing your purchase and it does not fit, I will request that you return the belt to the address I will provide at your own cost and you will be charged the below:


 - 25% of the cost of the belt that you ordered to cover materials (i.e If your original belt cost you £100, you will be charged £25 for materials)

 - Postage costs for the delivery of the new correct belt


When your new belt is made i will send you a new invoice to cover the 25% cost for materials and the postage and packaging.


If the incorrect size is ordered then there will be a 14 week minimum wait time until you receive your new belt. 


If the belt you have bought is from the "Clearance" page, we offer no returns, please ensure you measure yourself before making your purchase. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are my small packages trackable once posted?


If you require your pendant, buckle or any other accessories trackable out side the UK then you will need to message me before making the purchase as this is not included in the postage price. You item will not be recorded or tracked out side of the UK unless requested, and there may be an extra charge for this service.

Can you provide any colour macrame belt?


Yes, I can make macrame belts in any colour, if you require a colour not shown on the Macrame belt page then please email me.


I may ask to take a small deposit from you to cover the cost of the extra materials with the balance to be paid upon completion of your order.


Any colour that i need to order in may incur a waiting order time of 3 weeks. Please account for this when placing your order,

Please note...


Some pieces that are required to make my belts come in various different colours, if I cannot provide the colour in the picture, I will match your belt to the closest items I have in stock.


If you are at all unhappy with the belt you receive and it is different from the photos I will look to offer you a resolution.

What should I do if i wish to return my items?


If your belt is the incorrect size and you wish to contact me then please refer to the question above.


If you are not happy with your purchase for any other reason then I offer a 30 day return policy.


We always ensure that our belts are made to the highest quality possible, if you do find any issues with your belt or accessories then do not hesitate to contact me.

Do the offers I see on social networking sites include your Clearance page items?


No, We have knocked our sale items down to amazing prices and cannot give the special offers in conjunction with the sale prices.

How do the belts fasten?


All of  the concert belts you see on our site use a hook and eyelet fastening, much more secure than velcro.